Breast care basics: a guide to non-cancerous lumps

Finding a breast lump can be unnerving as often we jump to conclusions and worry that it could be breast cancer. Breast cancer is still often seen as a life threatening disease despite the fact that breast cancer survival in the UK has doubled in the last 40 years from 40% to 78% 10 years or more survival.

Do I need a biopsy? Choosing the right treatment for fibroadenoma

Being diagnosed with a breast condition can be traumatic for anyone, especially if you have never even heard of the condition before. If you have been diagnosed with a fibroadenoma, you are probably keen to find out more about the condition and what your options are for treatment. You might not even know if you need treatment or if you actually want it. In light of this we’ve compiled all the necessary information you need to soothe your mind. 

Feeling for fibrocystic breast conditions: signs and symptoms

Fibrocystic conditions are relatively common. It is estimated that 90 per cent of women have fibrocystic changes in their breast tissues, and that up to 50 per cent show the typical clinical signs and symptoms associated with these abnormalities.3

Guided with ultrasound

Guided by stereotactic

Guided with MRI