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KS - J Tip Guidewire.jpg

KS - J Tip Guidewire.jpg
"J" Tip Guidewires

Guidewires are used in ureteroscopic procedures to access the ureter, identify the ureteral tract and guide instrumentation. "J" Tip guidewires are stainless steel and are offered in movable and fixed core options. They come packaged sterile and for single use.

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  • For Safety/Tight Coils – BARD® Guidewires are constructed of smooth tightly designed stainless steel to minimize trauma.
  • For Safety/Welded Tips – Both ends of the guidewire are finished with rounded tips for smoothness, and welded to the guidewire for extra strength.
  • For Smooth Surface - BARD® 3mm "J" Movable Core Guidewires are available with a PTFE coating which is smooth, slick and electrostatically bonded.
KS - J Tip Guidewire.jpg

KS - J Tip Guidewire.jpg

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Product Item IDProduct Item NameSizeQuantityNatural Latex
082138Guidewires, Fixed Core J- TipLength 145cm, Wire Size 0.038", 3mm Tip10/boxNo
082335Guidewires, Moveable Core J-TipLength 145cm, Wire Size 0.035", 3mm Tip10/boxNo

Specifications subject to change without notice.