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Prostate - FastFill Needle

Prostate - FastFill Needle
FASTFILL® Brachytherapy Needle

Every BARD® BRACHYSTAR® Needle is designed to help you achieve one important goal: an efficient and clinically effective brachytherapy procedure. All needles are engineered for exceptional performance, featuring ultra-sharp tips and polished surfaces for smooth entry and exit. A broad selection of needle configurations and sizes assures an ideal match with procedural needs and personal preferences.

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  • Includes a pre-loaded bone wax insert that plugs tip of needle to hold seeds in place prior to implant.
  • Saves valuable prep time by eliminating need to plug the needle prior to loading.
  • Needle tip is ultra-sharp for smooth insertion and removal.
  • Electro-polished surface facilitates smooth passage through even the most dense, fibrous tissue.
  • Etched needle tip enhances ultrasound visibility to promote accurate needle placement.
  • Ergonomically designed hub is engineered for comfort and minimizes finger fatigue during placement.
  • Specially formulated anti-static plastic hub reduces prep time by permitting fast, easy spacer loading.
  • Hub design assures fingertip control and includes a raised arrow to indicate tip bevel orientation.
Prostate - FastFill Needle

Prostate - FastFill Needle

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Product Item IDProduct Item NameSizeQuantityNatural Latex
818201Brachytherapy, Needles, FASTFILL® Seed Implant18 Gauge x 20cm1/pouch; 10/caseNo
818205Brachytherapy, Needles, FASTFILL® Seed Implant18 Gauge x 20cm5/pouch; 50/caseNo

Specifications subject to change without notice.