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Industry Resources

The following associations, organizations, and government entities are recognized by Bard and the community as information leaders in the medical technology industry.

Healthcare Industry Resources
Medical Resources
Surgical Associations
Pediatric Associations
Critical Care Associations
Infection Control Associations
Endourological Associations
Vascular Associations
Nursing Associations
Cardiac Electrophysiology
IV & Catheter Stabilization
Prostate Cancer – Brachytherapy
Breast Cancer
Women’s Health
Kidney Disease
Hernia Repair
Peripheral Arterial Disease
Urological Associations

Bard Associations

AdvaMed Code of Ethics

Bard is a proud sponsor of the AdvaMed Code of Ethics, facilitating ethical interactions between companies and healthcare professionals. 

Medical Technology: Life Changing Innovation

Life Saving Innovation
Medical Technology: Life Changing Innovation is an educational effort sponsored by AdvaMed to improve understanding of how medical technology saves lives, improves patient outcomes, and helps lower the overall cost of health. 

Medical Device Manufacturers Association (MDMA)