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Patient Success Stories

Karen Hallwyler

Karen Hallwyler

Success for Karen: Making the Right Call

Karen Hallwyler knows there is no such thing as a dumb question. “Asking questions is the only way you learn,” says the retired French teacher, who still tutors students of all ages. Following a bladder operation in 1998, Karen was no longer able to void completely, and she began to self-catheterize several times a day. While it was easy enough to order catheters, it was a challenge to get sound advice or answers to her questions. Then she saw a television ad for Liberator and wondered, “What do I have to lose?”

“I had tried several other catheter companies through the years and wasn’t happy with any of them,” she recalls. “But from the moment of my first conversation with my Liberator representative, I knew I had made the right call.”

Acquired by Bard in January 2016, Liberator is one of the leading providers of direct-to-consumer medical supplies in the United States, with a prime focus on sterile urinary catheters, urological supplies and ostomy supplies. For Karen, the broad selection and ordering convenience is secondary to the outstanding customer service that she has received.

“I’ve had the same representative since I started with Liberator in 2013,” says Karen. “She knows about my health issues, so she calls with ideas when I have questions. There’s nothing I can ask that will embarrass her.”

Last spring, when her representative told Karen about Bard’s new Magic3 Go® hydrophilic intermittent catheter, she quickly volunteered to be in the sample group. With a handle that improves control, discreet packaging and a new coating that keeps the catheter hydrated and ready to go right out of the package, she found it to be better than any other catheter she had tried.

“Liberator is the only company where I’ve had a relationship with a customer service representative, and ‘service’ is the optimal word,” says Karen. “Combined with her warmth, enthusiasm and caring personality, that’s something you don’t get from other businesses.”