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Patient Success Stories

Terry Hoover

Terry Hoover

Success for Terry: Open to New Treatment

After winding down his career as a pediatric dentist in suburban Boston,Terry Hoover and his wife Ann retired to a cottage on the banks of the Potomac River in rural Maryland. It’s a long way from the bustle of the city, but the active couple enjoy the expansive views from their porch and the opportunity to trap fresh blue crabs right off their own dock.

While taking his dog out for a brisk walk one day in 2011, Terry developed a small twinge in the calf of his right leg. Hoping it would resolve itself in a couple of days, he tried to walk through the pain, but it only worsened. “As the weeks went by, it became more difficult for me to effectively leave my house,” he remembers. His local cardiologist suspected peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and referred him to Nelson Bernardo, MD, a cardiologist at Washington Hospital Center in Washington,DC, to have the narrowed artery opened via balloon angioplasty.

Two and a half months after his initial procedure, the pain in Terry’s leg returned. “I went back to see Dr. Bernardo, and I was very fortunate in that not only was he willing to try again, but he asked me to be part of a study,” says Terry. That study was the LEVANT 2 clinical trial—the first FDA-approved pivotal trial for a drug-coated balloon. The LEVANT 2 trial compared a Lutonix® balloon coated with a therapeutic dose of the drug paclitaxel to a plain, uncoated balloon for treatment of PAD in the femoropopliteal arteries. Paclitaxel has been shown to delay or prevent the regrowth of fibrous tissue, allowing the diseased vessel to stay open.

Three years after his treatment with the Lutonix® drug-coated balloon, Terry remains free of pain and full of energy. “Part of my life is spent taking care of our property, which I enjoy,” he says. “I’m looking forward to the future and living on the water with my wife for many years ahead.”