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Research Grant Opportunities

Bard may support bona fide, commercially reasonable research programs 

Research grants must support bona fide, commercially-reasonable and scientifically-warranted research and may be offered to qualified researchers. Research grants may not be given as a substitute for rebates or discounts. The restrictions in this paragraph do not pertain to grants to organizations such as the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association, or other such organizations that will use such funds to support broad research activities. Rather, these restrictions apply to grants provided directly to researchers, such as physicians or institutions such as hospitals or universities to fund specific projects of direct relevance to products sold and marketed by Bard or areas in which Bard has an interest. A research grant may come in the form of equipment, services and supplies and/or monetary/non-capital support. All investigator-sponsored research studies must also conform with applicable provisions of Bard’s Regulatory & Clinical Affairs Policy on Clinical Trials. 

No grant may be made to any individual or entity identified on or associated with any organization or known individual identified on, the Specially Designated National List of the U.S. Treasury Dept., the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General's Exclusion Database, the FDA's debarment list, or the GSA list of debarred persons.

What information is required in my grant application? 

The following information will be required: 

  • Letter of request for support on organization's stationery
  • Geographic eligibility 
  • A brief description of the individual applicant and, if an organization is involved, of the organization, including its legal name and purpose  
  • History of previous support from Bard or one of its divisions and the nature of that support 
  • Amount requested 
  • Purpose of the funding 
  • Relevance to products sold and marketed by Bard or areas in which Bard has an interest, or the rationale for funding if not relevant 
  • Opportunities for Bard employee involvement 
  • Description of the methods used to measure outcomes 
  • Contact information 

How are grant requests evaluated? 

Each request will be carefully reviewed for its relevance to products sold and marketed by Bard or areas in which Bard has an interest. If the request is within our guidelines and program priorities, and if funding is available, the applicant may be asked to provide additional information. Site visits may also be encouraged and scheduled before grant awards are made.

How do I submit a grant request?  

All applicants are required to complete an online eligibility quiz and application accessible through the ISS Concept Online Grant Application and ISS Full Online Grant Application.


Questions about Educational or Research Grants should be directed to: 

Grants Administrator

CORP 16-72.01