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Anti-Bribery Compliance Training

Anti-Bribery Compliance Training is an integral component to Bard’s working relationships with distributors and third-party representatives worldwide.   The training materials cover the following topics in detail:

  • Why Compliance with Global Anti-Bribery Laws Matters
  • What is Bribery
  • Risks to Medical Device Companies and Distributors
  • Minimizing Anti-Bribery Risk
  • Examples and Q&A

Distributors and third-party representatives should access the training materials, and ensure they read and understand them, as they will be required to strictly comply with the referenced policies in order to enter into or continue a business relationship with Bard.  It will be required to confirm to Bard in writing that they have read and understood Bard’s anti-bribery policy.

Please select your language from the list below to access the Anti-Bribery Training Materials:

CORP 16-57.01