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Bard Idea Submission Process

Innovation at the Heart of Health Care

Your idea may have the potential to impact the lives of millions of people. But a great idea is not enough.

To turn concept into reality, you need the benefits of a relationship with an experienced medical manufacturer—one with the resources, expertise, and integrity to make it happen.

At Bard, our success stems from partnering with inspired individuals and organizations on a global basis to bring innovative, new products that help manager or reduce costs, improve the patient experience and achieve better outcomes to fruition.  Read more in the Bard Idea Submission Program brochure.

Your Partner from Inception to the Global Market

As a world leader in health care, Bard has the network and know-how to propel your idea into mainstream use and help expand your marketplace to the world.  We offer:

How to Submit Your Idea

To ensure prompt consideration – and proper protection – of your idea, follow these important steps to submit your idea to Bard:

  • Complete the Bard Product Submission Form, with special attention to the general description of your product. This will provide the information that Bard will need to determine if your submission could be considered for our product offerings.  Note that all information submitted will be treated non-confidentially.

  • If more than one person has contributed to the concept, list all such persons on the Bard Product Submission Form.

  • Following preliminary review, if both parties are interested in moving forward, Bard may request that the parties enter into a Confidentiality Agreement to allow for the exchange of more detailed information. This agreement helps to protect you and Bard from any conflicts arising from other projects of a similar nature which we may already be pursuing.

  • Bard will then examine your idea thoroughly and contact you concerning next steps.

To learn more about the Bard Idea Submission Program, view the Idea Submission Brochure.

Confidentiality and Product Protection

In your initial submission, please do not provide confidential information. 

To protect your product idea, we recommend that you maintain the confidentiality of your concept and that you apply first for patent protection.

Bard may be aware of other products or concepts that could impact our decision to adopt your product idea. Due to potential preexisting confidentiality obligations, Bard may not be able to fully disclose its reasons for not adopting your concept.  However, Bard strives to provide candid feedback on all submissions.

Bard can assume no obligation to protect, retain, or hold confidential any information disclosed in any submission or in conversations prior to a formal written agreement between you and Bard.

Patents and Licensing

Bard welcomes the opportunity to work with you to protect, through the development of patents, copyrights, trademarks and/or trade secrets, the unique aspects of your idea. 

Regardless of whether you have already patented your concept or worked with Bard to develop protection, Bard desires to generate the greatest social and commercial benefit from your idea.  Should we move forward, Bard will therefore work with you to develop a mutually beneficial arrangement.  Such an arrangement may include license agreements for the development and commercialization of your product.

Product Development

PDF Download of Product Development

Send us an idea now through the online Idea Submission Form.

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