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Product Leadership and Innovation through Research & Development


At Bard, our goal is to provide a constant supply of new, innovative medical technologies designed to improve clinical outcomes and help to control the costs of care. 

Our products are responsive to the needs of healthcare practitioners and are sensitive to the issues of patient safety, comfort, and care. We originate and develop products through the innovative thinking, skills, and capabilities of our global Research and Development organization and through outside resources from which we identify, acquire, and develop new medical technologies.
Our decisions for R & D investments are made through the lens of a clear and consistent strategy of product leadership to achieve improved clinical and economic outcomes.  We work hard to be a meaningful partner to our customers.  We believe better technology improves and simplifies patient care.

Bard leverages its capabilities in product development, and its demonstrated ability to commercialize products in a timely fashion to attract suitable partners from the academic, practitioner and industrial communities to ensure that products and product development opportunities from other organizations will properly supplement its internal development efforts.

One of our most critical components of revenue growth strategy is our ability to identify, manufacture and market innovative, technology-based solutions to treat medical conditions through less invasive procedures and in cost-effective manner in this changing healthcare environment.

Bard has made a significant increase in R & D investment in recent years- from $53 million in 2001 to $292 million in 2016 - as a measure of our commitment to innovation and evidence of our ability to execute growth strategy.  We have design centers at all divisions, Lutonix®, Clearstream®, Angiomed®, China and Medivance.


Bard Innovations through the years

Bard has pioneered such devices as the Foley catheter, the heart-pacing catheter, arterial prosthesis, the angioplasty catheter, and the drug-coated balloon catheter.

Do you have a great idea for a new product?

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