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Biosurgery Surgical Education

One-to-One Education Philosophy

Bard's® Surgical Education Programs for BioSurgery are designed to provide you with focused and flexible modalities that provide in-depth education on techniques utilizing Bard’s proprietary technologies.

Surgeons who participate in Bard's® BioSurgery Education Program benefit from:

  • Instruction from leading surgeon experts in surgical techniques.
  • Opportunities to discuss and review surgical experience with peers.
  • Interactive exchanges with expert surgeons on specific techniques.
  • Opportunities to practice these techniques through hands-on Bioskills Labs.

The following pages will introduce you to Bard's® BioSurgical Education modalities and faculty. We are committed to advanced professional education – helping you choose the right products and procedures to provide the right outcomes for your patients.

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Training Modalities - A-to-Z soft tissue curriculum. End-to-End education flexibility. An overview of the different styles of training programs available

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In accordance with the AdvaMed Code of Ethics, these programs are limited to Healthcare Professionals only who have a bona-fide interest in the presentation topic. Individuals licensed in the states of Massachusetts and Vermont may attend, however, in some cases we may be prohibited by state law from providing meals to Healthcare Professionals from these states.