Sustainable Energy

Bard is dedicated to protecting natural resources and the global environment. This commitment reaches beyond compliance with the law to encompass the integration of sound environmental practices into our business decisions.  

For example, the divisional headquarters of Bard Medical Division, Bard’s Global Distribution Center, and the company’s sterilization facilities in the Covington, GA area comprise 27% of Bard’s total global operations and divisional headquarters space worldwide. These facilities implemented an energy savings project that significantly reduced their energy use and carbon footprint, and served as a model for other Bard facilities around the world. Similar systems have been installed at Bard’s manufacturing facilities in Humacao, Puerto Rico and Nogales, Mexico, and projects are planned at several other sites around the world.  

Through the installation of passive harmonic filters, reactive power compensating units, intelligent air conditioning controllers, new lighting equipment and other state-of-the-art technologies, Bard has realized an annual energy savings of 8.5 million kWh at these locations alone.

This energy savings translates directly into a notable reduction in emissions. For example, on an annual basis, the installations in Covington alone are estimated to save: 

  • 8,250,203 lbs. of carbon dioxide 
  • 3,069 barrels of oil 
  • 2,328 tons of coal 
  • 62,292 lbs. of sulfur dioxide 

Life Changing Innovation

BARD is a member of AdvaMed – the Advanced Medical Technology Association. To learn more about how medical technology enriches lives, go to