Over the last five years, we have implemented programs to reduce waste generation and divert thousands of pounds of waste electronics, paper, cardboard, metal, plastic, batteries and glass from landfills to recycling centers. As our global data shows, the majority of our solid waste is reused or recycled.

One example of our efforts to manage waste is our Moncks Corner, South Carolina facility, which re-engineered less efficient production processes to improve its ability to reuse ethanol, resulting in less waste product and significant cost savings. Further, since 2012, our Moncks Corner facility has increased recycling by sending pallets to the Port of Charleston and waste oil to a nearby power plant. The facility will advance these programs in 2015 as it changes waste contractors to a certified recycler that will provide a designated container for comingled recyclables on site. This change will further reduce the amount of glass, plastic, paper and aluminum sent to landfills.


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