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Usher® Support Catheters Image

Usher® Support Catheters Image
Usher™ Support Catheters

Chronic Total Occlusion – Support Catheters and Guidewires

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  • Stainless steel, braided shaft construction for greater catheter push and torquability
  • Angled tip configuration available
  • Hemostatic valve offering complete hemostasis to minimize blood loss
  • Enhanced angle retention to steer the Crosser Catheter tip towards flush occlusions or lesions on an angle


Product Item IDProduct Item NameLengthShapeUnits/Each
USH83TUSHER® Support Catheter, Straight Tapered, 83cm length83Straight Tapered1
USH83ATUSHER® Support Catheter, Angled Tapered, 83cm length83Angled Tapered1
USH130TUSHER® Support Catheter, Straight Tapered, 130cm length130Straight Tapered1
USH130ATUSHER® Support Catheter, Angled Tapered, 130cm length130Angled Tapered1