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POWERFLOW® Implantable Apheresis IV Port

Designed for long device life, maximum flow, and patient comfort.

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POWERFLOW® Implantable Apheresis IV Port

  • Robust titanium funnel
  • Soft and lightweight silicone body
  • 9.6F ChronoFlex® Catheter
  • IV access
  • Unique Silicone valve technology
  • Needle stop
  • High-flow, Power-injectable1

POWERFLOW® Implantable Apheresis IV Port

The POWERFLOW® Implantable Apheresis IV Port is the first and only high-flow, power-injectable port designed and indicated specifically for therapeutic apheresis.2 The POWERFLOW® Implantable Apheresis IV Port is designed for long device life, maximum flow, and patient comfort.

  • Optimized for Long Device Life – Bench tested up to 1,000 accesses3
  • Engineered for Maximum Flow – Large inner diameter polyurethane port catheter
  • Engineered for Patient Comfort – Totally Implantable to help address patient lifestyle
  • Bench Tested for High Flow Performance – Unique design and access delivers flow rates up to 150mL/min4 at low pressure
  • Designed for Easy Access – access is performed at a shallow angle by percutaneous insertion of an over-the-needle soft peripheral intravenous catheter

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Product Item IDProduct Item NameCatheterIntroducerSuture OptionKit ConfigurationUnits/Each
A710962POWERFLOW® Implantable Apheresis IV Port9.6 Fr Attachable PolyurethaneAirGuard® ValvedSilicone BodyIntermediate1 Each or Case of 5

1 Power injectable up to 5mL/s @ 300 psi

2 As of April 2017

3 After 1000 IV catheter insertions, bench top leak testing was performed both with the device accessed (both 14G and 16G IV catheters tested separately) and with no IV catheter present. Bench testing may not be indicative of actual clinical performance. Different test methods may yield different results. Data on file, Bard Peripheral Vascular, Inc., Tempe, Arizona.

4 Mean flow rates, 25 cm catheter, when tested in a benchtop model using a blood simulant with viscosity of 3.5cP, N=27. Simulated testing may not be indicative of actual clinical performance. Changes in blood viscosity, catheter length, and IV type will affect achievable flow rates.