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Lutonix™ 035 DCB – Dysfunctional AV Fistula Indication

First drug coated balloon approved for use in dysfunctional/stenosed dialysis fistulae

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  • First drug coated balloon approved for use in dysfunctional/stenosed dialysis fistulae
  • Shown to enable longer AV fistula function due to increased time to first reintervention compared to standard angioplasty
  • 71.4% Primary Patency in the Lutonix™ AV Clinical Study at 6 months
  • 31.3% fewer reinterventions than PTA at 6 months in the LUTONIX® AV Clinical Study
  • Demonstrated a safety profile that is as safe as PTA
  • Patients in the Lutonix AV IDE trial experienced 322 reintervention-free days after treatment with Lutonix, compared to 114 with PTA


Product Item IDDiameterLengthCatheter LengthFrench SizeRBP
LX3540540V54040 cm5F12
LX3540560V56040 cm5F12
LX3540580V58040 cm5F12
LX35405100V510040 cm5F12
LX3540640V64040 cm5F12
LX3540660V66040 cm5F12
LX3540680V68040 cm5F12
LX35406100V610040 cm5F12
LX3540740V74040 cm5F12
LX3540760V76040 cm5F12
LX3540840V84040 cm6F12
LX3540860V86040 cm6F12
LX3575440V44075 cm5F12
LX3575460V46075 cm5F12
LX3575480V48075 cm5F12
LX35754100V410075 cm5F12
LX3575780V78075 cm5F10
LX35757100V710075 cm5F10
LX3575540V54075 cm5F12
LX3575560V56075 cm5F12
LX3575880V88075 cm6F10
LX35758100V810075 cm6F10
LX3575580V58075 cm5F12
LX35755100V510075 cm5F12
LX3575640V64075 cm5F12
LX3575660V66075 cm5F12
LX3575680V68075 cm5F12
LX35756100V610075 cm5F12
LX3575740V74075 cm5F12
LX3575760V76075 cm5F12
LX3575840V84075 cm6F12
LX3575860V86075 cm6F12
LX3575940V94075 cm7F11
LX3575960V96075 cm7F11
LX3575980V98075 cm7F10
LX35751040V104075 cm7F11
LX35751060V106075 cm7F11
LX35751240V124075 cm7F10
LX35751260V126075 cm7F10
LX35100840V840100 cm6F12
LX35100860V860100 cm6F12
LX35100880V880100 cm6F10
LX351008100V8100100 cm6F10
LX35100940V940100 cm7F11
LX35100960V960100 cm7F11
LX35100980V980100 cm7F10
LX351001040V1040100 cm7F11
LX351001060V1060100 cm7F11
LX351001240V1240100 cm7F10
LX351001260V1260100 cm7F10