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LIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System

LIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System
LIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System

Low profile, 5F stent delivery system

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  • Unique helical design engineered for bending, compression, torsion
  • Only stent FDA-approved for the SFA and full popliteal artery1
  • Low profile, 5F delivery system
  • Dual-speed thumbwheel deployment designed for ease of use and placement accuracy2
  • GEOALIGN® Marking System designed to increase procedural efficiency and reduce radiation exposure3
LIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System

LIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System

Clinically Proven Stent Design:

As the only commercially available stent FDA-approved for the superficial femoral and full popliteal artery, the LIFESTENT® Vascular Stent has a history of proven performance:

  • In a Level 1 RESILIENT study, the LIFESTENT® Vascular Stent demonstrated treatment superiority over balloon angioplasty with sustained effectiveness out to 3 years4
  • In the investigator initiated, Level 1 ETAP study of the popliteal artery the LIFESTENT® Vascular Stent demonstrated double the primary patency rate of PTA out to two years5
  • In a clinical assessment of the treatment of long lesions, the LIFESTENT® Vascular Stent demonstrated high primary patency at 12 months in lesions up to 240mm6

The LIFESTENT® Vascular Stent Systems, in varying sizes, have been studied in more than ten clinical trials globally.7

LIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System

LIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System

Low Profile, 5F Delivery System:

The LIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System offers the same clinically-proven advanced helical stent design as the LIFESTENT® Vascular Stent on a low profile, 5F delivery system. The LIFESTENT® 5F delivery system offers dual speed thumbwheel deployment with a tri-axial catheter that is designed for ease of use, deployment control, and precise placement accuracy.2

The LIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System is part of the Bard 5F ProSeries suite of low profile products designed to minimize arteriotomy size and enable physicians to complete a 5F procedure when treating the SFA and popliteal artery. The Bard 5F ProSeries also includes:

To learn more about the Bard 5F ProSeries™, please visit

Increase Procedure Efficiency with GEOALIGN®

The LIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System features the GEOALIGN® Marking System, which is a simple-to-use, non-radiopaque ruler on the catheter shaft. The GEOALIGN® Marking System is featured on all Bard 5F ProSeries products. The GEOALIGN® Marking System is designed to facilitate repeatable catheter alignment at the lesion and to increase procedure efficiency by minimizing fluoroscopy exposure.3

The LIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System is a peripheral stent intended to improve luminal diameter in the treatment of symptomatic de-novo or restenotic lesions in the native superficial femoral artery (SFA) and popliteal artery. The LIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System is available in 5 mm, 6 mm, and 7 mm diameters; and 20 mm to 170 mm in length. Refer to the Specifications table below for specific size options.


Product Item IDProduct Item NameStent Diameter (mm)Stent Length (mm)Catheter Length (cm)GuidewireCatheter Diameter
5F050201CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System520800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F050301CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System530800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F050401CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System540800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F050601CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System560800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F050801CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System580800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F051001CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System5100800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F051201CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System5120800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F051501CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System5150800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F051701CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System5170800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F060201CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System620800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F060301CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System630800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F060401CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System640800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F060601CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System660800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F060801CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System680800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F061001CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System6100800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F061201CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System6120800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F061501CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System6150800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F070201CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System720800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F070301CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System730800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F070401CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System740800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F070601CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System760800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F070801CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System780800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F071001CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System7100800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F071201CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System7120800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F050203CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System5201350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F050303CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System5301350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F050403CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System5401350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F050603CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System5601350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F050803CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System5801350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F051003CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System51001350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F051203CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System51201350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F051503CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System51501350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F051703CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System51701350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F060203CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System6201350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F060303CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System6301350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F060403CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System6401350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F060603CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System6601350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F060803CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System6801350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F061003CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System61001350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F061203CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System61201350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F061503CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System61501350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F070203CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System7201350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F070303CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System7301350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F070403CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System7401350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F070603CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System7601350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F070803CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System7801350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F071003CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System71001350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F071203CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System71201350.014" - 0.035"5F

1 Commercially available as of September 2018
2 Based on physician ratings during animal testing. May not be indicative of clinical performance. Data on file at Bard Peripheral Vascular, Inc., Tempe, AZ.
3 The GeoAlign® Marking System provides an approximation that may not be an exact representation of the distance traveled intravascularly and should be confirmed under fluoroscopy.
4 Freedom from TLR at 3 years: 75.5% LifeStent® Vascular Stent arm (n=134), 41.8% PTA arm (n=72), pLifeStent® Vascular Stent in 6 mm and 7 mm diameters and lengths of 40-80 mm. The LifeStent® 5 mm stent diameter and LifeStent® 5F delivery system were not included in these clinical studies.
5 Primary Patency at 2 years: 64.2% LifeStent® Vascular Stent arm (n=89), 31.3% PTA arm (n=94), p=0.0001. Patency rates calculated when provisional stenting is considered TLR. Kaplan-Meier analysis with Mantel-Cox log-rank test. The study included LifeStent® Vascular Stent in 6 mm, 7 mm and 8 mm diameters and lengths of 20-170 mm. The LifeStent® 5 mm stent diameter and LifeStent® 5F delivery system were not included in these clinical studies.
6 Primary Patency at 12 months: 81.5% all lesion lengths (n=53). This study included LifeStent® Vascular Stent in 6 mm and 7 mm diameters and lengths of 20-200 mm. The LifeStent® 5 mm stent diameter and LifeStent® 5F delivery system were not included in these clinical studies.
7 RESILIENT I/II Trials, E-TAGIUSS Trial, STELLA Trial, Retrospective Analysis of LifeStent® Vascular Stent Systems in the Treatment of Long-Segment Lesions, LifeStent® Vascular Stent Delivery System Study (LifeStent® 200 mm Trial), CONTINUUM Trial, REALITY I/II/III Trials, ETAP Trial, and RELIABLE Trial.