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LIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System

LIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System
LIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System

Low profile, 5F stent delivery system

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  • Unique helical design engineered for bending, compression, torsion
  • Only stent FDA-approved for the SFA and full popliteal artery1
  • Low profile, 5F delivery system
  • Dual-speed thumbwheel deployment designed for ease of use and placement accuracy2
  • GEOALIGN® Marking System designed to increase procedural efficiency and reduce radiation exposure3
LIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System

LIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System

Clinically Proven Stent Design:

As the only commercially available stent FDA-approved for the superficial femoral and full popliteal artery, the LIFESTENT® Vascular Stent has a history of proven performance:

  • In a Level 1 RESILIENT study, the LIFESTENT® Vascular Stent demonstrated treatment superiority over balloon angioplasty with sustained effectiveness out to 3 years4
  • In the investigator initiated, Level 1 ETAP study of the popliteal artery the LIFESTENT® Vascular Stent demonstrated double the primary patency rate of PTA out to two years5
  • In a clinical assessment of the treatment of long lesions, the LIFESTENT® Vascular Stent demonstrated high primary patency at 12 months in lesions up to 240mm6

The LIFESTENT® Vascular Stent Systems, in varying sizes, have been studied in more than ten clinical trials globally.7

LIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System

LIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System

Increase Procedure Efficiency with GEOALIGN®

The LIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System features the GEOALIGN® Marking System, which is a simple-to-use, non-radiopaque ruler on the catheter shaft. The GEOALIGN® Marking System is featured on all Bard 5F ProSeries products. The GEOALIGN® Marking System is designed to facilitate repeatable catheter alignment at the lesion and to increase procedure efficiency by minimizing fluoroscopy exposure.3

The LIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System is a peripheral stent intended to improve luminal diameter in the treatment of symptomatic de-novo or restenotic lesions in the native superficial femoral artery (SFA) and popliteal artery. The LIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System is available in 5 mm, 6 mm, and 7 mm diameters; and 20 mm to 170 mm in length. Refer to the Specifications table below for specific size options.

Low Profile, 5F Delivery System:

The LIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System offers the same clinically-proven advanced helical stent design as the LIFESTENT® Vascular Stent on a low profile, 5F delivery system. The LIFESTENT® 5F delivery system offers dual speed thumbwheel deployment with a tri-axial catheter that is designed for ease of use, deployment control, and precise placement accuracy.2

The LIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System is part of the Bard 5F ProSeries suite of low profile products designed to minimize arteriotomy size and enable physicians to complete a 5F procedure when treating the SFA and popliteal artery. The Bard 5F ProSeries also includes:

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Product Item IDProduct Item NameStent Diameter (mm)Stent Length (mm)Catheter Length (cm)GuidewireCatheter Diameter
5F050201CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System520800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F050301CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System530800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F050401CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System540800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F050601CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System560800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F050801CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System580800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F051001CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System5100800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F051201CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System5120800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F051501CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System5150800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F051701CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System5170800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F060201CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System620800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F060301CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System630800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F060401CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System640800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F060601CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System660800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F060801CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System680800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F061001CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System6100800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F061201CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System6120800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F061501CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System6150800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F070201CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System720800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F070301CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System730800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F070401CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System740800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F070601CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System760800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F070801CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System780800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F071001CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System7100800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F071201CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System7120800.014" - 0.035"5F
5F050203CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System5201350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F050303CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System5301350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F050403CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System5401350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F050603CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System5601350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F050803CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System5801350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F051003CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System51001350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F051203CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System51201350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F051503CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System51501350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F051703CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System51701350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F060203CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System6201350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F060303CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System6301350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F060403CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System6401350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F060603CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System6601350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F060803CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System6801350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F061003CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System61001350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F061203CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System61201350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F061503CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System61501350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F070203CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System7201350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F070303CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System7301350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F070403CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System7401350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F070603CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System7601350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F070803CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System7801350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F071003CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System71001350.014" - 0.035"5F
5F071203CSLIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System71201350.014" - 0.035"5F

1 Commercially available as of September 2018
2 Based on physician ratings during animal testing. May not be indicative of clinical performance. Data on file at Bard Peripheral Vascular, Inc., Tempe, AZ.
3 The GeoAlign® Marking System provides an approximation that may not be an exact representation of the distance traveled intravascularly and should be confirmed under fluoroscopy.
4 Freedom from TLR at 3 years: 75.5% LifeStent® Vascular Stent arm (n=134), 41.8% PTA arm (n=72), pLifeStent® Vascular Stent in 6 mm and 7 mm diameters and lengths of 40-80 mm. The LifeStent® 5 mm stent diameter and LifeStent® 5F delivery system were not included in these clinical studies.
5 Primary Patency at 2 years: 64.2% LifeStent® Vascular Stent arm (n=89), 31.3% PTA arm (n=94), p=0.0001. Patency rates calculated when provisional stenting is considered TLR. Kaplan-Meier analysis with Mantel-Cox log-rank test. The study included LifeStent® Vascular Stent in 6 mm, 7 mm and 8 mm diameters and lengths of 20-170 mm. The LifeStent® 5 mm stent diameter and LifeStent® 5F delivery system were not included in these clinical studies.
6 Primary Patency at 12 months: 81.5% all lesion lengths (n=53). This study included LifeStent® Vascular Stent in 6 mm and 7 mm diameters and lengths of 20-200 mm. The LifeStent® 5 mm stent diameter and LifeStent® 5F delivery system were not included in these clinical studies.
7 RESILIENT I/II Trials, E-TAGIUSS Trial, STELLA Trial, Retrospective Analysis of LifeStent® Vascular Stent Systems in the Treatment of Long-Segment Lesions, LifeStent® Vascular Stent Delivery System Study (LifeStent® 200 mm Trial), CONTINUUM Trial, REALITY I/II/III Trials, ETAP Trial, and RELIABLE Trial.