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Distaflo™ Mini Cuff Bypass Grafts

Surgical Grafts – Peripheral Vascular Grafts

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  • Designed to provide optimal hemodynamics in below-the-knee, small target arteries with low flow rates
  • Tapered distal end increases flow velocity and allows the cuff to produce a vortex for adequate wall shear stress throughout the anastomosis
  • Proven to perform as well as ePTFE with a vein cuff in below-the-knee bypass procedures

About Distaflo® Mini Cuff Bypass Grafts

A Small Revolution in Cuff Technology. As endovascular intervention rates rise, the target placement options for peripheral bypass are reduced to smaller and more distal vessels. The Distaflo® Mini-Cuff Bypass Graft with advanced cuff technology is tailored specifically for small vessels. It’s the latest in a long line of vascular innovations from Bard Peripheral Vascular, the only company to offer a pre-cuffed graft with proven performance in peripheral bypass.

DISTAFLO® Mini Cuff Image

DISTAFLO® Mini Cuff Image


Product Item IDProduct Item NameDimensionsUnits/Each
DFX6006SCDistaflo™ Mini-Cuff, Flex Small Beading, 6 mm x 60 cm6 mm x 60 cm1
DFX7006SCDistaflo™ Mini-Cuff, Flex Small Beading, 6 mm x 70 cm6 mm x 70 cm1
DFX8006SCDistaflo™ Mini-Cuff, Flex Small Beading, 6 mm x 80 cm6 mm x 80 cm1
DFX9006SCDistaflo™ Mini-Cuff, Flex Small Beading, 6 mm x 90 cm6 mm x 90 cm1