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DENALI® Vena Cava Image

DENALI® Vena Cava Image
Denali™ Vena Cava Filter
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  • Largest and Longest IDE Filter Study
  • Completely redesigned to meet both permanent and optional needs
  • Advanced filter technology helps prevent movement, tilt, and penetration

About Denali™ Vena Cava Filter

Denali™ Vena Cava Filter – completely redesigned Bard Filter with advanced filter technology to help prevent movement, tilt and penetration. The Denali™ Filter has been clinically tested in the largest and longest IDE filter study. The interim results of the Denali™ Clinical Study demonstrate that the Denali™ Filter can be safely implanted to provide immediate protection against pulmonary embolism (PE) for an extended indwell time and can be safely retrieved with low complication rates.




Product Item IDProduct Item Name
DL900FDenali™ Vena Cava Filter, Femoral Delivery Kit
DL900JDenali™ Vena Cava Filter, Jugular/Subclavian Delivery Kit