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Bard® Parsonnet™ Vascular Probes Image

Bard® Parsonnet™ Vascular Probes Image
BARD® PARSONNET™ Vascular Probes

Vascular Probes

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Product Item IDProduct Item NameProbe SizeLengthUnits/Case
007603BARD® Parsonnet™ Vascular Probes, 1.0 mm x 45 cm1.0 mm45 cm5
007604BARD® Parsonnet™ Vascular Probe, 1.5 mm x 45 cm1.5 mm45 cm5
007605BARD® Parsonnet™ Vascular Probe, 2.0 mm x 45 cm2.0 mm45 cm5
007606BARD® Parsonnet™ Vascular Probe, 2.5 mm x 45 cm2.5 mm45 cm5
007607BARD® Parsonnet™ Vascular Probe, 3.0 mm x 45 cm3.0 mm45 cm5
007608BARD® Parsonnet™ Vascular Probe, 3.5 mm x 45 cm3.5 mm45 cm5

Please consult Instructions for Use for product indications for use, contraindications, warnings, precautions, complications, adverse events and detailed safety information.