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Urine Meters

Urine meters are used to accurately measure urine output and are typically used in surgical and critically ill patients.

BARD offers a wide range of urine meter sizes including 200ml, 350ml, 400ml, and pediatric sizes. All urine meters contain the BARD® EZ-LOK® Sampling Port which allows for needle-free aspiration.

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BARD® Infection Control 350ml Urine Meter Drain Bag

  • BARD® Microbicidal Outlet Tube protects the drain bag from contamination resulting from retrograde bacterial migration.
  • The BARD® EZ-LOK® Sampling Port (not made with natural rubber) eliminates the risk of needlestick injuries and allows for needle-free aspiration.


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Product Item IDProduct Item NameVolumeKit ComponentsQuantityNatural Latex
153206Urine Meters, 150ml Meter, Pediatric150ml10/caseNo
153202Urine Meters, 200ml Meter, Center Entry200ml2000ml Drainage Bag10/caseNo
153204Urine Meters, 350ml Meter350ml2500ml Drainage Bag10/caseNo
153304Urine Meters, 350ml Meter350ml2500ml Drainage Bag10/caseNo
153214Urine Meters, 350ml Meter, Infection Control350ml2500ml Drainage Bag10/caseNo
153314AUrine Meters, 350ml Meter, Infection Control, (Complements the COMPLETE CARE® Systems)350ml2500ml Drainage Bag10/caseNo
153214AUrine Meters, 350ml Meter, Infection Control, Bacteriostatic Collection System350ml2500ml Drainage Bag10/caseNo
153215AUrine Meters, 350ml Meter, Latex-Free, Infection Control, Bacteriostatic Collection System, SAFETY-FLOW™ Outlet Device350ml2500ml Drainage Bag10/caseNo
153216Urine Meters, 350ml Meter, SAFETY-FLOW™ Outlet Device350ml2500ml Drainage Bag10/caseNo
001530Urine Meters, 400ml Meter, Latex-Free400mlLatex-Free10/caseNo
001531Urine Meters, 400ml Meter, Ureteral Adapter (Accommodates 3 - 8 Ureteral Catheters)400mlUreteral Adapter (Accommodates 3 - 8 Ureteral Catheters)10/caseNo

Specifications subject to change without notice.