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Standard Universal Trays

The standard universal tray features the URO-PREP™ Tray with 5g lubricant packet. (782100, 782102)

Bilevel universal trays are available with BARDEX® LUBRICATH® latex Foley catheter or a all-silicone Foley catheter (not made with natural rubber latex). (7921xx, 791600, 791800)

The URO-PREP™ Tray includes drape, underpad, powder-free exam gloves (not made with natural rubber latex), forceps, rayon balls, pre-filled inflation syringe, lubricant, povidone-iodine solution, specimen container and label.

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Product Item IDProduct Item NameSizeQuantityNatural Latex
782100Foley Trays, Universal, 10cc Pre-Filled Water Syringe (without catheter)-20/caseNo
792100Foley Trays, Universal, 10cc Syringe (without catheter)-20/caseNo
782102Foley Trays, Universal, 30cc Pre-Filled Water Syringe (without catheter)-20/caseNo
791600Foley Trays, Universal, All-Silicone16FR20/caseNo
791800Foley Trays, Universal, All-Silicone18FR20/caseNo
792116Foley Trays, Universal, BARDEX® LUBRICATH®16FR20/caseYes
792118Foley Trays, Universal, BARDEX® LUBRICATH®18FR20/caseYes
781600SFoley Trays, Universal, Silicone-Coated16FR20/caseYes
781800SFoley Trays, Universal, Silicone-Coated18FR20/caseYes

Specifications subject to change without notice.