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Skin Wound Care

BIOLEX™ Wound Cleanser - A non-toxic, non-irritating wound cleanser which facilitates removal of slough and debris.

BIOLEX™ Wound Gel - A non-toxic, hydrogel dressing used in the management of Stage II-IV pressure ulcers, cuts, abrasions, 1st and 2nd degree burns and dermal ulcers.

SCANPOR® Non-Woven Tape - Non-woven hypoallergenic tape used to secure dressings. Single-use, non-sterile.

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Product Item IDProduct Item NameSizeQuantityNatural Latex
5502BWound Care, BIOLEX™ Wound Cleanser2 Ounce Spray24/caseNo
5506BWound Care, BIOLEX™ Wound Cleanser6 Ounce Spray12/caseNo
5512BWound Care, BIOLEX™ Wound Cleanser12 Ounce Trigger Spray12/caseNo
968602Wound Care, SCANPOR® Tape Dispenser1" x 11 Yards10/caseNo
968622Wound Care, SCANPOR® Tape Refill1" x 11 Yards12/caseNo
968624Wound Care, SCANPOR® Tape Refill2" x 11 Yards6/caseNo

Specifications subject to change without notice.