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Prostate - SourceLink Connector.jpg

Prostate - SourceLink Connector.jpg
SOURCELINK® Delivery System

The SOURCELINK® Delivery System offers a customized approach to performing stranded implants. It addresses the challenges associated with current stranded products as well as provides the flexibility of seed and spacer implant techniques.

  • SOURCELINK® Connectors and Seeds are packaged per customer's desired quantity and seed activity level (in vials).
  • SOURCELINK® Connectors and Seeds are pre-loaded into needles per the customer's custom needle loading plan.

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  • Allows for customization and variable spacing - The bioabsorbable SOURCELINK® connectors are offered in three different lengths, which allows for easy customized spacing.
  • Will not jam in the needles-SOURCELINK® connectors have significant column strength and do not readily absorb moisture.
  • Disconnect and connect easily-SOURCELINK® connectors easily lock together and snap apart from seeds, allowing easy loading and changes.
  • Eliminate seed waste-Unlike most stranded seed products that must be purchased in sets of ten, SOURCELINK® connectors come ready to use individually, eliminating waste inexcess seeds.
  • Are slow absorbing to help maintain long-term seed position.-SOURCELINK® material maintains mechanical integrity for 170 days, allowing most of the dose to be delivered tothe gland while the source is still held in place.
  • Are available for overnight delivery-SOURCELINK® connectors can be shipped directly to a facility on demand.
  • Are provided sterile-Allows for reduction in preparation time.
Prostate - SourceLink Connector.jpg

Prostate - SourceLink Connector.jpg

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Product Item IDProduct Item NameSizeQuantityNatural Latex
1251LINKLBrachytherapy, SOURCELINK® Delivery System, BRACHYSOURCE® I-125 Seed, Loose Seeds---1 eachNo
1251LINKBrachytherapy, SOURCELINK® Delivery System, BRACHYSOURCE® I-125 Seed, Connected in Needles---1 eachNo
200LINKLBrachytherapy, SOURCELINK® Delivery System, THERASEED® Pd-103 Seed Implants, Loose Seeds---1 eachNo

Specifications subject to change without notice.