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Movable Core Guidewires

Guidewires are used in ureteroscopic procedures to access the ureter, identify the ureteral tract and guide instrumentation. A moveable core guidewire allows a floppy tip to be created by moving the stainless steel core wire back from the coating.

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Movable Core Guidewires

  • For Safety/Tight Coils – BARD® Guidewires are constructed of smooth tightly designed stainless steel to minimize trauma.
  • For Safety/Welded Tips – Both ends of the guidewire are finished with rounded tips for smoothness, and welded to the guidewire for extra strength.
  • For Smooth Surface - BARD® Straight Movable Core Guidewires are available with a PTFE coating which is smooth, slick and electrostatically bonded.


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Product Item IDProduct Item NameSizeQuantityNatural Latex
082235Guidewires, PTFE Moveable Core, Straight TipLength 145cm, Wire Size 0.035"10/boxNo
082338Guidewires, PTFE Moveable Core, Straight TipLength 145cm, Wire Size 0.038"10/boxNo

Specifications subject to change without notice.