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Wound - Drain 100cc Reliavac Bulb Evacuator Kit 0070850.jpg

Wound - Drain 100cc Reliavac Bulb Evacuator Kit 0070850.jpg

BD offers a wide array of evacuators for wound drainage needs.

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  • 100cc silicone bulb evacuator offers lightweight, low level suction capacity that is easy for patient to carry.
  • 100cc RELIAVAC® PVC evacuators offer a more constant suction profile than silicone evacuators. Bottom emptying port reduces chance of contamination. Lightweight and easyfor patient to carry.
  • 400cc three-spring evacuators provide reliable suction for surgical cases with larger amounts of drainage.
  • 400cc RELIAVAC® evacuator offers a more constant suction profile than three-spring evacuators, resulting in the potential for improved tissue approximation and reduced risk of hematoma.

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Product Item IDProduct Item NameSizeQuantityNatural Latex
0070900Wound Drains, Accessories, Evacuator, RELIAVAC®, Light Suction, Blue, Y-Connector100cc20/caseNo
0070850Wound Drains, Accessories, Evacuator, RELIAVAC®, Medium Suction, Green, Y-Connector100cc20/caseNo
0070800Wound Drains, Accessories, Evacuator, RELIAVAC®, Y-Connector400cc10/caseYes
0043650Wound Drains, Accessories, Evacuator, Three-Spring, Y-Connector400cc10/caseNo
0070740Wound, Evacuator, Bulb, Silicone100cc20/caseNo
0071200Wound, Evacuator, Bulb, Silicone200cc10/caseNo
0070400Wound, Evacuator, Bulb, Silicone400cc10/caseNo
0034830Wound, Evacuator, RELIAVAC®400cc10/caseYes

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

For the latest information, always check the “Instructions for Use” that comes packaged with the product. If you are a consumer seeking more information, please consult your healthcare provider.