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Irrigation Ear Syringe Image

Irrigation Ear Syringe Image
Ear/Ulcer Syringes

Ear/Ulcer syringes are used for aspirating and irrigating pus in external ear, wounds, nasal discharge, and saliva. Sterile.

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  • Available in reusable and single-use designs, each 1, 2, and 3 oz. sizes.
  • Slimmer tips on single-use bulbs, broader tips on reusable bulbs.
  • Flat bottoms allow ear syringe to stand up without tipping.
  • 2 oz. single-use size has added suction power for efficient aspiration for newborns.
Irrigation Ear Syringe Image

Irrigation Ear Syringe Image

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Product Item IDProduct Item NameSizeQuantityNatural Latex
0035810Ear/Ulcer Syringe 1 oz. Disposable1 Ounce50/caseNo
0035820Ear/Ulcer Syringe 2 oz. Disposable2 Ounce50/caseNo
0035830Ear/Ulcer Syringe 3 oz. Disposable3 Ounce50/caseNo
0005260Ear/Ulcer Syringe, 1 oz. Reuseable1 Ounce24/caseNo
0005270Ear/Ulcer Syringe, 2 oz. Reuseable2 Ounce24/caseNo
0005290Ear/Ulcer Syringe, 3 oz. Reuseable3 Ounce12/caseNo

Specifications subject to change without notice.