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EXPAND212® Helical Stone Basket

EXPAND212® Helical Stone Basket is a 3 Fr helical basket with a patented 2-1-2-1 wire configuration for secure grasp of calculi and stone fragments. It has a Nitinol drive wire, which is kink resistant and torque stable to promote effective navigation through tortuous anatomy. The basket is available in 2 lengths; 90 and 115 cm and comes with and without a filiform tip.

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  • Patented paired wire design in “2-1-2-1” configuration helps assure effective capture of calculi and stone fragments.
  • Nitinol drive wire and proprietary sheath material promote smooth, atraumatic insertion and navigation through delicate tissues.
  • Limited laboratory tests demonstrate both an exceptional expansion force and capture rate when compared with the leading competitive paired wire basket.
  • BARD® PLATINUM CLASS™ handle delivers ergonomic comfort, tactile feel and excellent control throughout the procedure.


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Product Item IDProduct Item NameSizeQuantityNatural Latex
040415Stone Baskets, EXPAND 212®, HelicalLength 115cm, Basket 11mm, Shaft 3FR1 eachNo
040490Stone Baskets, EXPAND 212®, HelicalLength 90cm, Basket 11mm, Shaft 3FR1 eachNo
041415Stone Baskets, EXPAND 212®, Helical, 5cm TipLength 115cm, Basket 11mm, Shaft 3FR1 eachNo
041490Stone Baskets, EXPAND 212®, Helical, 5cm TipLength 90cm, Basket 11mm, Shaft 3FR1 eachNo

Specifications subject to change without notice.