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Complete Care®Add-A-Foley Urine Meter Tray

The COMPLETE CARE® urine meter Add-A-Foley tray features a bacteriostatic collection system and includes the URO-PREP™ Tray. This tray features the EZ-LOK® Sampling Port, an anti-microbial CONTROL-FIT™ Outlet Device and complements the BARDEX® I.C. Foley catheter.

The COMPLETE CARE® Add-A-Foley tray incorporates a bacteriostatic agent in the drain tube and drain bag material to help repel common bacteria and yeasts. This tray is also available with the BARD® SAFTEY-FLOW™ outlet device which helps eliminate urine splash when emptying the drainage bag. This tray complements the BARDEX® I.C. and LUBRI-SIL® I.C. Foley catheters.

The URO-PREP™ Tray includes drape, underpad, powder-free exam gloves (not made with natural rubber latex), forceps, rayon balls, pre-filled inflation syringe, lubricant, povidone-iodine solution, specimen container and label.

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  • The anti-microbial CONTROL-FIT™ Outlet Device protects the drain bag from contamination resulting from retrograde bacterial migration.
  • The BARD® EZ-LOK® Sampling Port (not made with natural rubber lates) eliminates the risk of needlestick injuries and allows for needle-free aspiration.
  • URO-PREP™ Tray contains all materials necessary for aseptic catheter insertion.


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Product Item IDProduct Item NameSizeQuantityNatural Latex ?
904100AFoley Trays, Add-A-Foley, Microbicidal Outlet Tube, COMPLETE CARE®, Urine Meter350ml10/caseNo
933100AFoley Trays, Add-A-Foley, COMPLETE CARE®, Urine Meter, BARD® SAFETY-FLOW™ Outlet Device350ml10/caseNo
304400AFoley Trays, Add-A-Foley, BARD® ADVANCE, COMPLETE CARE®, Urine Meter, Anti-Microbial CONTROL-FIT™ Outlet Tube, STATLOCK® Stabilization Device350ml10/caseNo

*The Foley catheters included in the BARDEX® I.C. System contain Bacti-guard® silver alloy coating licensed from Bactiguard AB. Bacti-guard is a registered trademark of Bactiguard AB.

Specifications subject to change without notice.