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BBS Revolution™ bladder scanner

Simplify your scanning

The BBS Revolution™ is a fully automated bladder volume measurement device. The system is battery powered and pole mounted for easy access, use and storage. The wireless scanner is automatically charged when docked in the console and performs the image collection and analysis automatically, transferring the results wirelessly to the console. This device combines the power and safety of ultrasound with sophisticated image processing electronics and software to provide a simple, accurate, fully automated and completely noninvasive bladder volume measurement.

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Features and Benefits

  1. No setup required. Automatically detects the bladder regardless of patient gender, anatomy or age.
  2. Eight transducers provide 180° field of view and automatically locate bladder. No aiming required.
  3. Simple bladder volume displayed. No complicated image interpretation or volume estimation required.
  4. Wireless scanner simplifies cleaning and disinfection.
  5. Single-use ultrasonic gel packets.
  6. No annual maintenance and calibration required.
  7. Scanner design distributes applied pressure.




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Product Item IDProduct Item NameQuantityNatural Latex
PD0100002BBS Revolution™ scanner and display1No
PD0400022BBS Revolution™ rolling stand1No
PD01GELSTARTERBBS Revolution™ ultrasound gel starter kit (quantity of 50 single use packets)50No
PD0400014BBS Revolution™ ultrasound case (quantity of 400 single use packets)400No
PD0400019BBS Revolution™ printer1No
PD0400026BBS Revolution™ printer paper1No