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ARCTIC SUN® Temperature Management System

The ARCTIC SUN® Temperature Management System brings precision therapy to the highest level of performance available today. The touch screen interface quickly guides clinicians to successfully initiate treatment with a few simple steps. Compared to other temperature management systems today, the ARCTIC SUN® Temperature Management System enables:  

Fast and easy initiation of treatment
Simple programming capabilities
Data driven decisions
ARCTIC CIRCLE™ Clinical Education Program

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Features and Benefits

  • Non-invasive: the ARCTICGEL™ Pad has a water-based hydrogel that provides surface contact and transfers energy effectively
  • Precision targeting: continuous patient temperature monitoring, making micro-adjustments to the water temperature 30 times per hour
  • Data driven decisions: CORECONNECTTM provides targeted product training to hospital personnel
  • ARCTIC CIRCLE™ Clinical Education is a comprehensive implementation program for nurses to become champions


ARCTIC SUN® Temperature Management System Picture

Screen of ARCTIC SUN® Temperature Management System

ARCTIC SUN® Temperature Management System Picture
Screen of ARCTIC SUN® Temperature Management System

We provide clinical training in Targeted Temperature Management. 

The Arctic Circle™ program is designed to create in-house expertise on the Arctic Sun® Temperature Management System and Targeted Temperature Management.  To date, thousands of nurses have successfully completed the program and are now part of a community that is championing the use of Targeted Temperature Management in their institutions.

What’s involved?

The Clinical Management Team at Bard Medical is comprised of a staff of experienced Critical Care Nurses. Prior to the training, each hospital appoints clinicians that will champion the Targeted Temperature Management program for their institution. Upon completion of the course the Arctic Circle™ program champions will have the necessary knowledge to train others in their institution and help ensure that the Targeted Temperature Management program is sustainable.


For additional training and education on a number of topics, visit our Training Center.



Product Item IDProduct Item NameSizeQuantityNatural Latex
50000000ETemperature Management System, ARCTIC SUN® 5000, 115V-1 eachNo



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