Product C-Codes

Beginning April 1, 2001, Medicare used a system of product-specific HCPCS codes called C codes to reimburse or pass-through the cost of implantable devices under the Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS). As this payment system evolved, the majority of C codes have been eliminated as their costs were folded into the reimbursement of procedures under Ambulatory Payment Classifications (APCs). However, effective January 1, 2004, Medicare reactivated approximately 95 categories of devices and their C codes for tracking and reporting purposes. These C codes were published in Addendum B on the CMS OPPS website in April of 2004. 

Although these C codes have been reinstated, Medicare will continue to reimburse hospitals for most implantable devices under the Ambulatory Payment Classification System. 

Click on the following link for BARD Product C Codes:  Category Codes (C codes) for Medicare Hospital Outpatient  

1 68 Federal Register 63398 (November 7, 2003) (codified at 42 CFR § 410 and 419).
2 April 1, 2004

Bard Reimbursement

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