Who should I contact with a question on the use of a BARD product or a procedure using a BARD product?
Our Medical Services and Support (MSS) team provides technical and clinical information to answer specific questions about BARD’s products and the procedures in which they are used. You can reach a clinical specialist during normal business hours of 8:30am to 5:30pm EST.  After hours, a representative will be on call and can be reached by the phone numbers below.  Or email our MSS team at medical.services@crbard.com.

To contact Medical Services & Support from within the U.S. and Canada, call: 

Bard Access Systems   1-800-555-7422
Bard Medical Division   1-800-227-3357 
Bard Peripheral Vascular Division:     
Gastrostomy Products (feeding tubes), Drainage (Aspira, Navarre)  1-866-893-2691
Filters, Stents, PTA, Vascular Grafts  1-800-562-0027
Ports, Chronic Dialysis Catheters  1-800-555-7422
Bard Biopsy Systems    1-800-562-0027 
Davol    1-800-562-0027 


Our hospital/clinic is interested in a specific line of BARD products, but I don’t have the packaging to reference an item number for purchasing.  How do I go about obtaining this information? 
The BARD U.S. online product catalog is the perfect tool.  Our customers can search by product category, division or by using a limited description to query the attributes necessary to place an order with BARD.  Users will be able to see the item number’s full description, how it is packaged and which division sells it, along with a link to the divisional website for further information.  To view the BARD U.S. Product Catalog click here. 

I have an idea for a product that BARD may be interested in. How do I submit my idea for consideration?
At BARD, our success stems from partnering with inspired individuals and organizations to bring innovative, new products to fruition. If you have an idea, fill out the BARD Product Submission Form with special attention to the general (non-confidential) description of your product. This will provide the information that BARD will need to determine if your submission could be an appropriate addition to our product line. For more information, visit our Idea Generation Process page.  

Will BARD donate products for use in pro bono procedures that I perform for disadvantaged patients?
If you are a doctor engaged in a medical outreach mission and are seeking needed products from BARD or other companies, please contact the Manager of Medical Outreach Programs at AmeriCares for an application and guidelines.  

AmeriCares88 Hamilton Avenue
Stamford, CT  06902
(203) 658-9528

How do I find out more about reimbursement rates for BARD products?
Reimbursement is an increasingly important consideration in the development and marketing of medical devices and BARD recognizes its critical importance to the customers who use our products. Please visit the reimbursement section of this website for more information, or you can send a question directly to our reimbursement experts.