BARD E-QUEST™ E-Commerce Solutions

Many customers and trading partners in health care have recognized the value of e-commerce including: 

  • Ease of procurement 
  • Reducing costs through process automation 
  • Visibility and cleaner data through the supply chain 
  • Single connection to multiple suppliers 

BARD E-QUEST™ solutions make it easy to establish a connection to our quality products from BARD.   We currently offer: 

  • 850 Purchase Orders  
  • 855 Confirmations  
  • 810 Invoices  
  • 820 Electronic Fund Transfers  
  • 856 Advanced Ship Notice  
  • 867 Sales Tracings  
  • 832 Sales Catalogues/Item Master  

Solution Options: 

  • Connect via GHX (Global Healthcare Exchange)
    This is BARD’s preferred solution as it provides our customers with a single connection point for greater automation and order visibility with extensive reporting tools. 
    Learn more....www.ghx.com  
  • Direct EDI Connection
    If an evaluation of GHX results in the need for another solution, BARD can accommodate a direct EDI set up once a business justification has been completed.  We support AS2 and secure FTP communications protocol using ANSI x12 version 4010.  We will need a customer technical resource assigned to work with our Corp EDI team regarding special EDI requirements and testing.  

Each option above includes personalized service from a seasoned BARD representative to assist in making the transition to electronic as seamless as possible.  This includes a single point of contact to determine BARD ship-to-account numbers, cleaning up your vendor and item master files, and post production utilization follow-up.


C. R. Bard, Inc. has been named to the 2015 GHX Millennium Club. The Millennium Club recognizes organizations that have achieved the highest levels of automation on the GHX Exchange, and are therefore improving the cost quality equation in the healthcare industry.

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