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OptiFix AT

OptiFix AT
OptiFix™ AT Absorbable Fixation System with Articulating Technology

A whole new angle on fixation.

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OptiFix™ AT is an articulating device that allows for traditional
straight fixation plus the option to articulate the tip to better access areas where mesh fixation may otherwise be difficult, such as locations close to the trocar.

The ergonomic device is designed to:1

  • Provide full mesh access from one side of the patient.
  • Deliver more consistent perpendicular fastener deployment.
  • Enhance surgeon comfort.

Full mesh access from one side of the patient

Allows for straight fixation plus the option of an articulating tip for perpendicular fastener deployment on ipsilateral and contralateral sides. 



Consistent perpendicular fastener deployment1  

  • Enables secure fixation across the entire mesh, on the contralateral side and close to the trocar.
  • Leads to improved fastener tissue purchase and fixation strength.
  • Facilitates mesh positioning and reduces the chance for mesh to be pulled away during fastening.


Absorbable poly (L-lactide-co-glycolide) PLG fastener1

  • Smooth fastener head minimizes the potential for tissue attachments.1
  • Hollow core design allows for tissue ingrowth through the fastener.1
  • Angled tip and stabilizing prongs to easily penetrate the mesh and enhances tissue holding strength.



Product Item IDProduct Item NamePackaging (SKU)Dimensions
0113330OptiFix™ AT Absorbable Fixation System5 c/s.OptiFix™ AT Absorbable Fixation System - 30 absorbable fasteners
0113315OptiFix™ AT Absorbable Fixation System5 c/s.OptiFix™ AT Absorbable Fixation System - 15 absorbable fasteners