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Composix™ E/X Mesh Image

Composix™ E/X Mesh Image
Composix™ E/X Mesh

Polypropylene/ePTFE prosthesis for laparoscopic ventral hernia repair.

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Polypropylene and Permanent ePTFE Barrier Designed for Ventral Hernia Repair

The Bard® Composix™ E/X Mesh, combines two clinically proven biomaterials, Bard® polypropylene mesh and ePTFE, into one product. The polypropylene side of the Bard® Composix™ E/X Mesh promotes tissue ingrowth into the abdominal wall over time and eliminates the need for transfixation sutures. The visceral side of the Bard® Composix™ E/X Mesh features a permanent submicronic ePTFE barrier, which minimizes adhesions to the prosthesis. This ePTFE barrier is permanent, offering long-term protection and help to minimize the opportunity of fistulas or erosion of mesh.


  • Two distinctly different sides:
    • Polypropylene Bard® mesh provides optimal tissue ingrowth
    • Robust sub-micronic ePTFE permanent barrier minimizes adhesions to the prosthesis or mesh erosion into viscera
  • Elliptically shaped design reduces the need to trim the mesh, saving time
  • Low profile mesh that is easy to manipulate for open repairs and to deploy for laparoscopic repairs
  • Monofilament PTFE stitches minimize the risk of adhesions to the prosthesis
  • Sealed edges provide an overhang of ePTFE without compromising the polypropylene Bard® Mesh side


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Product Item IDProduct Item NamePackaging (SKU)Dimensions
0123460Composix™ E/X Mesh1/cs.4" x 6" (10 cm x 15 cm) Elliptical
0123680Composix™ E/X Mesh1/cs.6" x 8" (15 cm x 20 cm) Elliptical
0123790Composix™ E/X Mesh1/cs.7" x 9" (18 cm x 23 cm) Elliptical
0123810Composix™ E/X Mesh1/cs.8" x 10" (20 cm x 25 cm) Elliptical
0123114Composix™ E/X Mesh1/cs.10" x 14" (25 cm x 36 cm) Rectangular
0123113Composix™ E/X Mesh1/cs.10" x 13" (25 cm x 33 cm) Elliptical

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Bard® Composix™ E/X Mesh is indicated for use in the reconstruction of soft tissue deficiencies, such as for the repair of hernias and chest wall defects.