Benefits (for U.S. based employees)

Bard offers a benefits program to our employees and their families that is designed to provide financial protection during employment, and an opportunity for a secure retirement. Our benefits package is comprehensive, competitive and affordable.

Depending on the work location and length of employment, available benefit programs may include:

Medical Plan

The Bard Medical Plan offers three coverage options—a Preferred Provider Organization, a Comprehensive Major Medical plan, and a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with a Health Savings Account (HSA). All three offer a national network of providers. Plan participants have the option of seeing a participating (network) provider or a nonparticipating provider.

Prescription Drug Plan

Prescription Drug coverage is offered to Bard employees participating in a Bard Medical Plan. There is also a convenient prescription drug mail order program for maintenance medications.

Dental Plan

Bard offers two Dental Plan options – a Base Dental Plan and a Premium Dental Plan – through a network of dental providers. Plan participants have the option of seeing a participating (network) provider or a nonparticipating provider. In either case, the Plan offers comprehensive benefits after an annual deductible is satisfied.

Vision Plan

Bard has two Vision Plan options—a Base Plan and a Buy-up Plan. The plans offer voluntary, comprehensive vision care benefits at favorable group discount rates. The vision plans utilize the nation’s largest eye care doctor network, with thousands of doctors located in metropolitan as well as rural areas.

Wellness Program

In order to promote the health and well being of our employees, Bard offers a fully-integrated employee health and wellness program that features lifestyle risk management, health coaching and disease management. The wellness program is designed to help employees improve their overall individual health, encourage responsible and healthy behavior, and increase health awareness.

Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Plan

Bard offers three Life Insurance plans that help provide important financial protection for employees and their families:

  • Basic Life Insurance – this plan provides a basic level of life insurance coverage for all benefits eligible employees. Employees are automatically covered and the total cost is paid by Bard.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance – this plan provides coverage in the event an employee dies or is severely injured in an accident. This coverage is also automatic with Bard paying the total cost.
  • Optional and Dependent Life Insurance – employees can add to the Basic Life Insurance coverage by purchasing Optional Life Insurance for themselves and Dependent Life Insurance for their spouses and dependent children.

Short and Long-Term Disability Plans

Bard offers disability insurance that can provide financial protection in the event an illness or injury keeps an employee from working. The disability program includes the Short-Term Disability Plan and the Long-Term Disability Plan. Together, these plans can replace a portion of an employee's regular income.

Flexible Spending Accounts

To help employees reduce their taxes and their costs for certain health and dependent care expenses, Bard offers two flexible spending accounts, or FSAs: the Health Care FSA and the Dependent Care FSA. Both allow employees the ability to set aside money from earned income before taxes are calculated and then use that money to reimburse themselves for eligible health care and/or dependent care expenses.

401(k) Plan

The Bard Employees' Savings Trust (B.E.S.T.) 401(k) Plan is designed to help employees build financial security through pre-tax contributions, Company matching contributions, and tax-deferred growth. Employees can contribute from 1% to 50% of base pay on a pre-tax basis (up to the allowable federal limit) and can choose to invest in one or more of the 23 investment funds offered by the Plan. (Employees age 50 or older can elect to make additional pre-tax contributions above allowable Plan or federal limits.)

Legal Plan

Bard offers a comprehensive legal plan for employees, spouse and dependents. The plan provides fully covered legal advice and representation for a wide range of legal matters through a large network of attorneys. Participants also have the option of using a non-plan attorney.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan

The Bard Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) offers employees the opportunity to buy Company stock at a significant discount through the convenience of payroll deductions. The Plan is a great way for employees to become part owners in the Company and share in its potential future.

Complete details of each of the benefit plans appear in the actual plan documents and/or insurance contracts which govern the plans' operation and administration. If there should be a conflict between the actual plan documents and/or insurance contracts and the information contained here, the plan documents and/or insurance contracts would supersede.



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