Looking to the Future

We at Bard are uniquely positioned to play a pivotal role in one of the defining stories of our age—the worldwide increase in longevity. As people live longer and adopt more active lifestyles, there is a mounting demand for innovative medical devices that will not only heal, but improve the quality of life. With our diverse product portfolio, we have a tremendous opportunity to help people live longer, more enjoyable lives.

Our mission will remain unchanged: to advance lives and the delivery of health care by profitably developing, manufacturing and marketing value-driven products which meet the quality, integrity, service and innovation expectations of our customers, while providing opportunities for our employees. As a result, we will optimize shareholder value and be a respected worldwide health care company.

It will take passionate and creative employees to help us capitalize on future opportunities. Many of them already work at Bard.

Perhaps you will, too.



No delays in our growth plans, no restrictions on yours.