100 Years

We're proud of our history.

Charles Russell Bard started the company in 1907 with the goal of introducing a product to the public that had relieved his own urinary discomfort. That blend of curiosity and salesmanship has been behind every major development in Bard’s history, from the Foley catheter to the angioplasty balloon to the high-tech cancer treatments we market today.

We live in an age where hospitals and medical offices are brimming with technology, but it’s easy to forget that a century ago, this was not the case.

Our founders grew the business by identifying the unmet needs of patients and clinicians and investing in innovative products to serve those needs. It’s a business model we follow to this day, and one we are committed to follow in the future.

View our timeline to learn more about the milestones of Bard’s first century.



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