Guiding Principles

BARD's Guiding Principles were created to supplement our four Core Values of Quality, Integrity, Service, and Innovation.  These eight guiding principles have been identified in order to express how we want to conduct business today and in the future.  Many attributes of BARD's guiding principles are solidly in place today.  Others represent behaviors to which we aspire.

Passion For Our Work 
We focus on improving the lives of the patients who require our products and services.  We are proud of our long history of achieving this goal, believe our work makes a difference, and are relentless in our efforts to provide the highest quality products and services

Be Indispensable To Our Customers 
We believe in anticipating and exceeding customer expectations, and in eliminating any barriers to meeting our customers' needs.  We place high value on being the company of choice for providers and other clinicians wanting to transform their inventive concepts into valued products and services.

Foster Creative Thinking 
We value fresh, resourceful, and creative ideas that enable us to achieve our mission, set standards, and win in the market place.  By fostering an open and flexible environment, we encourage inventive concepts and solutions from our employees and from inventors and physicians, who have ideas for new medical devices or services to treat their patients.

Highest Ethical Behavior 
We believe that fundamental honesty and ethical behavior are at the core of who we are and what we do.  We demonstrate our respect for each other, our shareholders, customers, and communities by honoring our commitments and being reliable and trustworthy.

Demonstrate Ownership and Pride  
We take pride in our work, act with conviction, and feel accountable to each other, our company, customers, and shareholders.  As an integral part of BARD, we involve each other appropriately and openly communicate so we can all add value to and share in BARD's success.
Leadership by Example 
We are committed to the importance of leadership and initiative.  We believe in supporting employees with the courage and knowledge to establish new standards and the skill to motivate others to positive action.  We expect leaders to communicate effectively, to remove obstacles, and to provide the tools we all need to achieve excellence.
Play to Win  
We believe a collective competitive spirit, guided by our values, is key to market leadership.  We play to win and, therefore, set challenging and aggressive goals that provide focus and value results over activity.

Be Open and Inclusive
We are open to new ideas, we respect the diverse backgrounds and opinions of others and we invite people to be themselves at work. We foster an inclusive culture where we all work together across functional and geographic boundaries and share diverse perspectives and capabilities to deliver superior outcomes for our business, our shareholders, our customers and the patients we serve. We are a closely aligned, globally diverse company.