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BARD has long been committed to technological innovations that advance the delivery of care. Today, BARD is focusing its efforts on providing more specialized products and services that help improve clinical, economic, and patient satisfaction outcomes in three key disease state areas: Vascular, Urology, and Oncology. To complement these areas, BARD also has a complete line of advanced Surgical Specialty products and services.

By concentrating on Disease Management, BARD will continue to focus its resources on further improving health care with technological developments that embody quality, integrity, innovation and service.

BARD Vascular

BARD dedicates its resources to providing innovative, cost-effective Vascular products and services for Peripheral Diagnosis and Intervention focusing on: 

  • Angiography 
  • Vascular Patency 
  • Electrophysiology 
  • Hemostasis 
  • Revascularization 
  • Drug Delivery 

Bard Peripheral Vascular, Inc. provides a range of interventional medical devices specifically designed for the treatment of peripheral arterial, hemodialysis access and venous disease.  These products include the CROSSER® CTO Recanalization Catheter designed to facilitate central lumen CTO recanalization; LIFESTENT® SOLO™ Vascular Stent System with the longest stent lengths on the market; FLAIR® Endovascular Stent Graft which is the only stent graft approved for dialysis access and market leading offerings of Peripheral PTA Dilatation Catheters and retrievable Vena Cava Filters.  Our Vascular Access products include EQUISTREAM® Long-Term Hemodialysis catheter used to clean and filter blood and ASPIRA® Home Drainage System allowing patients to drain fluid in the comfort of their own homes.   

BARD Vascular Products

Bard Peripheral Vascular, Inc. 

Bard Medical Division 


BARD Urology

BARD is a leader in Urological Diagnosis and Intervention with a full spectrum of products and services supporting: 

  • Urological Drainage 
  • Continence 
  • Prostate Disease Management 
  • Skin/Wound Care 

BARD is the worldwide market leader in Urological Diagnostic and Interventional Products with a focus on urological drainage, continence, and prostate disease management.  We have expanded our urology business to products in the areas of infection control, continence management, prostate management and catheter stabilization.

The Foley Catheter, which BARD introduced over 70 years ago, remains one of the most important products in the urological field. Today, BARD is committed to advancing the technology of diagnosis and intervention to help reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes. One example of our innovative breakthroughs is the BARDEX® I.C. Foley Catheter with BARD® hydrogel and Bacti-Guard®* silver coating, which is clinically proven to reduce catheter associated urinary tract infections. Other BARD innovations include:

  • AGENTO® I.C. Silver-Coated Endotracheal Tube which is a scientifically proven ventilator associated pneumonia preventive device for patients at risk of intubation for 24 hours or longer
  • The X-FORCE® Balloon Dilation Catheter has a patented multilayer technology design that delivers exceptional dilation force and balloon durability providing an innovative solution to stone removal
  • QUICKLINK® Delivery System offers the ultimate in connected brachytherapy seed versatility

*Bacti-Guard® silver coating is licensed from Bactiguard AB.
Bacti-Guard is a registered trademark of Bactiguard AB.

BARD Urology Products

BARD Oncology

BARD supports Oncology Management with an innovative line of devices and systems that allow for timely diagnosis and advanced intervention with products that include: 

  • Feeding and Drug Delivery Devices 
  • Gastrointestinal and Esophageal Stents 
  • Endoscopic Instruments 
  • Dialysis Support 
  • Surgical Alternatives 
  • Prostate Tumor Management 
  • Colorectal Stents 
  • Breast Biopsy Devices 

BARD Oncology Products and Services are designed for the detection and management of various cancers. These include specialty access catheters and implantable ports; gastroenterological products (endoscopic accessories, percutaneous feeding devices and stents); and biopsy devices.

BARD pioneered the peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC).  PICCs can remain in place over longer periods of time than IV catheters, potentially reducing the number of needlesticks for the patient.

BARD developed the POWERPORT® device, which offers the unique ability to provide access for power-injected Contrast-Enhanced Computer Tomography (CECT) scans. Power-injected CECT scans produce superior images of the body to help the medical team better manage patient care. With a POWERPORT® Implantable Port, patients receive IV therapy and CECT scans without having to undergo repeated needle-sticks in their arm or wrist veins. 

BARD Oncology Products

Bard Access Systems, Inc. 

Bard Medical Division 

Bard Peripheral Vascular, Inc. 

  • Implantable Ports
  • Dialysis Catheters
  • Long-Term Catheters

Bard Biopsy Systems 

BARD Surgical Specialties

BARD offers a complete line of advanced Surgical Specialty products and services, including: 

  • Soft Tissue Repair 
    • Fixation 
    • Biologic Implants 
  • Powered Irrigation 
  • Orthopaedic Autotransfusion Systems  
  • Topical Hemostasis 

To complement the BARD Disease Management focus, BARD maintains a complete line of advanced Surgical Specialty Products and Services that continue to help our customers advance the delivery of health care.

BARD Surgical Specialty Products include prosthetics for soft tissue repair, fixation devices, irrigation products for orthopaedic and laparoscopic procedures, and topical hemostatic devices.

New innovations from the leader in Hernia Repair include:

  • Fixation:
    • SORBAFIX™ Absorbable Fixation System

The SORBAFIX™ Absorbable Fixation System is unique from its design to its delivery, to its easy-to-see color. 2009 SLS Innovations of the Year Award Winner.†

  • Biologics:
    • XENMATRIX® Surgical Graft 

The unique open structure of the XENMATRIX® graft encourages tissue integration for hernia and abdominal wall repair.

  • Ventral:
    • VENTRIO™ Hernia Patch with SORBAFLEX™ Memory Technology

Provides the benefits of laparoscopic repair through the ease of an open intraabdominal approach.

  • Inguinal:
    • 3DMAX™ Light Mesh

3DMAX™ Light Mesh is designed to conform to the inguinal anatomy and retain its shape following laparoscopic introduction.

BARD Surgical Specialties Products

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