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Proper training is essential to delivering positive outcomes and promoting patient safety.   Providing access to all levels of training is a service we pride ourselves on here at BARD.  The following programs are organized by BARD divisions, whose products support different call points in the healthcare community.

For your convenience, we have provided contact numbers or links to quickly access more information about each of these programs.  We encourage you to take advantage of these services to support our common goal of quality healthcare.

Bard Access Systems, Inc.

ASSESSMENT ADVANTAGE® Program - A complete program for managing vascular access device placement. Designed to help hospital personnel identify the appropriate vascular access device at the beginning of a patient’s hospital stay, the program helps IV teams, doctors and nurses quickly appraise a patient’s individual vascular access needs and recommends the appropriate device options. Proactively determining and placing appropriate vascular access devices may enhance patient care while potentially lowering costs for the institution and patient.

CRITICAL CHOICE™ Early Assessment Program - Explore how Bard Access Systems can help you better meet your patients’ needs through the CRITICAL CHOICE™ program. In conjunction with Bard Access System ASSESSMENT ADVANTAGE® program, it assists health care professionals in determining the most appropriate venous access device early in the patient’s hospitalization based on diagnosis and drug therapy. A proactive patient assessment program may result in fewer peripheral venous sticks, consistent delivery of IV therapy without interruptions, enhanced clinical outcomes, and patient satisfaction.

Clinical Training -  Basic and advanced courses are available online. CEU accredited courses can be arranged via your local Bard Access Systems representative.

Bard Access Systems, Inc.
Medical Services & Support
- Technical and clinical support for vascular access devices, call 1-800-555-7422.

SHERLOCK 3CG™ Tip Confirmation System (TCS) Training - Designed to provide an introduction and virtual in-service for PICC clinician who would like to learn how to place PICCs using the SHERLOCK 3CG™. Educational hours will not be awarded for this course. See for additional information.

Vascular Access Device Selection, Insertion And Management ONLINE Course
 - Designed for experienced IV clinicians who would like to learn how to place PICC and midline catheters. Educational hours will be awarded to registered nurses who complete this online course and pass the final examination. This course also qualifies as a refresher course for those already placing PICC and midline catheters. See for additional information. Preceptorship at the trainee’s institution is available after the completion of this course.

Bard Medical Division

Brachytherapy Support - Offering physicians, nurses, and OR staff training required for prostate seed implant procedures, and seed management services Email: Phone: 1-800-877-6733.

Clinical Articles - Information resource of the latest in research; contact your Bard Medical sales representative.

Clinical Specialists
- Assistance for developing clinical pathways and providing staff education; contact your Bard Medical sales representative.

Comprehensive Program And Practice Assessment For CAUTI Prevention/Urinary Catheter Management - Certified Infection Preventionists review the elements in place at the hospital facility that make up the overall CAUTI prevention program. Elements include: adequacy of current policies and procedures, infrastructure for implementing national UTI Prevention guidelines, existing CAUTI prevention training programs and current monitoring methods, including the CAUTI surveillance plan.

Educational Materials - Information on products, technologies, and proper techniques; contact your Bard Medical sales representative.

Foley Catheter Observation Survey - Certified Infection Preventionists determine types and numbers of various indwelling catheters in use. Assess compliance with Foley catheter care and management practices described in published guidelines for reducing risks of CAUTI.

Foley Catheter Utilization Survey -This survey examines the indications and appropriate duration of indwelling urinary catheters with the following objectives: Compare reasons given by nurses for indwelling catheters to CDC indications criteria (or the facility’s own criteria). Examine current measures in place to improve Foley appropriateness and duration. Determine caregiver compliance with existing hospital prevention guidelines.

In-Service Visits And Educational Videos - New and ongoing training; contact your Bard Medical sales representative.

Medical Services & Support - Access to technical and clinical information; call 1-800-227-3357.

Reimbursement Support - Providing guidelines for reimbursement; call 1-800-227-3357.

Retrospective Analysis To Assess The Impact Of The BARDEX® IC Foley Catheter On The Incidence Of Symptomatic Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections - IRB approved, standardized, protocol based study designed to compare CAUTI rates between patients receiving standard non-silver coated Foley catheters and patients receiving the BARDEX® IC Foley catheter and to compare rates in clinically infected patients and surveillance defined cases.

Toll-Free Helpline - Immediate information regarding any Bard product or division: call 1-800-FOR-BARD.

Bard Peripheral Vascular, Inc.

Selected Site Observational ONLY Training Courses -

Observational ONLY training courses are available but limited to certain geographic locations; contact Bard Peripheral Vascular physician training coordinator for more information.

Please contact one of our Physician Training-Clinical Sciences Coordinators to schedule any of the training sessions listed below (except where noted). 

  • Mary Nielsen - Physician Training Coordinator - 480-303-2628
  • Sue Stonecipher - Physician Training Coordinator - 480-303-2613

Peripheral Programs

Advanced Critical Limb Care & Endovascular Skills Focused Course
- Designed for intermediate to advanced interventionalists, this course focuses on “hands-on” educational experiences using multiple endovascular therapies and techniques.

Critical Limb Care Courses - Presentations, demonstrations, training, and case study reviews focused on treating chronic occlusions and stenotic lesions of femoral and tibial arteries using endovascular products, procedures, and techniques.

Critical Limb Care – CTO Focused Courses - More than ten different courses available focused on chronic total occlusions, all involve cases using the CROSSER™ CTO Recanalization Catheter and the VASCUTRAK® PTA Dilatation Catheter along with other multiple endovascular therapies and techniques; contact Bard Peripheral Vascular physician training coordinator for more information.

Tech Nurse CROSSER – CEU Program - This program is designed to provide an understanding of the complexity of CTO’s and the importance of central lumen crossing, as well as, to enhance the understanding and comfort of setting up the CROSSER™ CTO Recanalization unit. This is for radiologic technologist and endovascular staff members. Approved for 1 Category A credit by the ASRT for facilities that provide the CROSSER™ technology.

Medical Services & Support - Information and support for clinicians regarding the use of peripheral products and procedures; call 1-800-562-0027.

Vasular Programs

Advanced AV Access Skills Workshop - Observational course for physicians new to the placement and maintenance of AV Access; features the FLAIR® Endovascular Stent Graft.

Anastomotic Workshops
- Surgical Grafts Suture Workshops for Surgical Residents is facilitated by the second year vascular fellow or attending physician exposing the resident to different anastomotic and suturing techniques for the placement of vascular grafts.

FLAIR® Endovascular Stent Graft Courses - Instructional sessions and “hands-on” product training for physicians using state-of-the-art simulation accurately recreating a “true feel” and visual image in deploying a FLAIR® Endovascular Stent Graft across a venous anastomotic stenosis.

Inferior Vena Cava Filters Courses - Instructional sessions and “hands-on” product training for physicians in an animal lab setting; physicians place and retrieve inferior vena cava (IVC) filters from femoral and jugular approaches.

Intermediate AV Access Skills Course - Designed for the intermediate to advanced interventionalists, surgeons, and nephrologists, this course is a “hands-on” educational experiences using multiple endovascular therapies and surgical techniques to create, maintain, and revise the AV Access circuit.

Medical Services & Support - Technical and clinical support; for vascular access devices, call 1-800-555-7422; for feeding products, call 1-866-283-2691.

MITC Courses - Three different courses available, all involve live cases using multiple endovascular therapies and techniques; courses may feature re-entry devices, advanced wire techniques, and the placement and retrieval of inferior vena cava (IVC) filters; contact Bard Peripheral Vascular physician training coordinator for more information.

PORT ACCESS ADVANTAGE™ Program - Oncology education for nurses to teach patients about the use, implantation, and advantages of ports in their chemotherapy treatments.

VEINS FOR LIFE™ Program - Designed to help providers, patients, and their support appreciate the value of implanted ports in chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

Bard Biopsy Systems

APBI Surgeon Training - For surgeons new to accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) with balloon brachytherapy, this training covers basics of dosimetry as well as patient selection, preparation, and implantation with “hands-on” demonstrations.

Biopsy Reimbursement Summaries
- Medicare reimbursement summaries for APBI, vacuum-assisted breast biopsy, breast tissue marker, and core needle biopsy in physician offices, ambulatory hospitals, and surgery outpatient facilities; call 1-800-321-4254.
Medical Services & Support - Information and support for clinicians regarding the use of Bard Biopsy products; call 1-800-562-0027.

Modern Breast Practice Seminars
- Workshops and presentations on the use of breast biopsy and accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) devices; seminars also include practice management solutions.

Town Hall Meetings
- Educational presentations for accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) from key opinion leaders including peer-reviewed clinical data, patient selection, preparation, and implantation with the CONTURA® MLB Catheter.

Davol Inc.

1-800-Hernias:  24-Hour Hotline -
Consumer-oriented program on hernia and hernia repair options.

Medical Services & Support - Information and support for clinicians regarding the use of Davol products and procedures; call 1-800-562-0027.

Nurse Consultants Program - Trained nurses conducting in-services on orthopaedic autotransfusion devices.

Reimbursement Services - Providing guidelines for reimbursement in wound management and pulsed lavage: call 1-800-861-0278, ext. 2100.

Surgical Education Programs - Programs provide in depth training on techniques utilizing Davol’s proprietary hernia repair products with a focus on proper product placement and patient surgical outcomes, and an emphasis on surgeon support.  These educational programs are flexible and recognize the demands of a surgical practice.

Surgical Repair Of Hernias Guide - Program for nurses on Advances in Hernia Repair. - Website featuring a referral tool for consumers to identify surgeons in their local area.