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Value Analysis Newsletters 

Facilitation-Autumn 2014
Critical Thinking-Spring 2014
Social Media-Winter 2013
Virtual Teams-Summer 2013
The Art of Delegating-Spring 2013
Managing Change-Autumn 2012
Generations-Summer 2012
Reimbursement-Spring 2012 
Building Work Relationships-Winter 2012
Stress Management-Spring 2011
Spend Analytics-Fall 2010 
Vendor Management-May 2010 
Leadership-January 2010 
Managing Meetings-October 2009 
Emotional Intelligence-June 2009 
Interpersonal Skills-February 2009  
Six Sigma-November 2008  
Strategic Planning-September 2008  
Business Writing Skills-May 2008  
Time Management-December 2007 
Project Management-September 2007 
Presentation Skills-June 2007  
Power and Authority-February 2007  
Language of Value Analysis-November 2006 
Teams-May 2006 
Training-November 2005 
Multitasking-July 2005 
Influence and Persuasion-August 2004  
Communication-August 2003 
Addressing Differences in Goals & Perception-March 2003 
Decision Making-July 2002 

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