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Bioskills in Service Labs

Bard's® Surgical Education team provides the opportunity to conduct hands-on bioskills labs at your institution allowing your attendings, fellows, residents and OR nurses to practice surgical techniques associated with the on-label use of our products. Such an experience reinforces and improves proficiency with your team. It also provides the opportunity for hands-on product experience.

Goals and Objectives

  • Develop confidence in the use of our devices and products 
  • Enhance your team’s knowledge, awareness and skill level through in-depth, hands-on training environment 
  • Learn in a team-oriented environment simulating the actual OR experience 
  • Cultivate your institution’s prominence as a teaching institution

Travel Accommodations

Bard's® Surgical Education team will work with sponsoring surgeons in developing a flexible lab structure and schedule that best meets the needs of your institution.