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Proposal Checklist

A research proposal submission should include sufficient information to allow Bard to make a decision regarding funding. The following elements should be included in the submission:


Curriculum Vitae of the Investigator, sub-Investigator and Study Coordinator (if applicable)

2. Investigator contact information

Full study protocol, to include:

a. Background information, including literature review

b. Research rationale and objectives

c. Description of the patient population to be studied

d. Target enrollment

e. Number of independent investigators and sites

f. Inclusion/exclusion criteria

g. Primary endpoints/outcomes

h. Secondary endpoints/outcomes

i. Statistical hypothesis (where applicable) and full description of the statistical method that will be used to generate data in the study report and publication.

4. Target start date and duration to publication submission
5. Publication plans
6. Description of staff or resources to be allocated, if funded (including qualifications and previous clinical research experience)
7. Budget*

 **Before submitting your budget, please ensure that all study-related expenses have been appropriately identified, itemized and are commensurate with fair market value. Bard is dedicated to complying with legal requirements for full transparency and due diligence around all financial interactions with healthcare professionals, their institutions and related organizations.