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Investigator Sponsored Research

Investigator Sponsored Study (ISS)


About Our Program

C. R. Bard, Inc. is committed to supporting Investigator Sponsored Studies that advance scientific knowledge relating to Bard technologies in order to improve patient care. Davol Inc., a subsidiary of Bard, is accepting proposals from interested Clinical Investigators to conduct their own research.

Please note that an investigator sponsored study means that you and your institution are responsible for fulfilling the obligations of both a study sponsor and an investigator.  While Davol, Inc. will provide financial support for the study according to a defined contract, you are the sponsor of the study.  As the sponsor of the study, you are responsible for overseeing the entire conduct of the study and day to day operations which include: securing adequate resources available to conduct the study, authoring protocol and consent forms, IRB approval, managing study related documentation, data collection, data analysis, regulatory reporting, and publication.